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My Mission...

Is to empower, inspire and uplift women to transform trauma and INFINITELY TRUST themselves, so they can powerfully move forward in their life. I believe we all have the ability to feel, deal and heal our trauma, and lead a happier, healthier and peaceful life. 

As women we deserve to feel joyful,  seen and understood, so we can enter into our feminine frequency - that is where we rise. That is where we meet our highest self. That is where we enter our infinite power. 

I believe "when you heal your trauma, you heal your life. When you heal your trauma, you heal your inner child.” ™



The Infinite Trust Method

Are you ready to infinitely trust yourself? Discover how to transform trauma and infinitely trust yourself, so you can powerfully move forward in your life. 

My 4-month Infinite Trust Method gives you my proven Methodology to heal your trauma, speak your truth, hold boundaries, heal your inner child and tune into your feminine flow.

I work with a limited number of clients 1:1 and there's an interview and questionnaire process. So if you are interested, please fill out the application form and let's get you trusting yourself. 


Hi, I'm Gurds...

I'm a sacred feminine and trauma expert, with more than a decade of experience in trauma healing, boundaries and inner child work. In my spare time, I'm learning about healing the wounds of patriarchy and diving deep into the ancient wisdom of women. 

Many of my clients have discovered their purpose, entered healthy relationships, created stronger boundaries, reconnected with their inner child and learnt to love themselves better. 

My signature approach comes down to holding the space for my clients to feel, deal and heal their trauma in a safe and understanding environment...allowing them to heal quicker. 


Rise Up Sister

Discover how to heal your generational trauma from familial, ancestral, cultural, societal, childhood to first-generation trauma and so much more!

Rise Up Sister is the fastest way to heal your past and rebirth a new you! Even if you go to therapy, this will be SUPER POWERFUL for you. After this VIP day, you'll be able to trust yourself more than ever before. You'll be surprised how much we clear in 5 hours!

It's no surprise that many clients come back for another session. Its quicker than therapy and you'll release so much. You'll make more progress in the 5 hours than you have in the last several years!


Changing Lives Around The World


Ready To Tune Into Your Deepest Wisdom?

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The podcast is designed for women who are ready to tune into their deepest wisdom, blossom into their highest self, and transform trauma.


Hear From The Women On This Journey...

"Gurds has given me the confidence to believe in myself and the decisions that I'm making and also to be more open and vulnerable around others, so I don't have to carry all the weight by myself." 


"I was in the middle of break with my now husband and Gurds coaching has helped me heal not only my past trauma, but helped me get to a place where we can get back together and get married." 


"As we worked through the trauma program I started to redefine myself. It was like a vista. As a result of that of 4 months of shifting trauma, past events and limiting beliefs, which came with all of that; I have this solid sense of myself of self belief." 


"I was struggling with direction, finding passion for life and leaving a toxic relationship. So now I'm feeling more positive about life. I have hope for my future. I feel more proactive. I am in a safe place and a new view on life which is beautiful all thanks to Gurds." 


"Before working with Gurds, I was drained and didn't have boundaries and absorbed other people's emotions. I took on other people's problems on as if they were my own. Now I have much better boundaries and I'm able to restore a lot of my energy." 


"I was about to get married so a lot of childhood and emotional and family issues came biggest growth was having more compassion for myself and also understanding my family background and generational trauma and implementing boundaries." 

Dr. Setare 

"Life was like a world wind, full of being in my head. Fully of not having a clear idea of what I want or where I'm standing. When I worked with Gurds, clarity came in, she's a good sounding board." 


Are you ready to infinitely trust yourself? I'm here to help. Start here.