Hi, I'm Gurds

And I want to be real with you for a minute. 

I truly care about helping women to transform trauma and trust themselves, so they can powerfully move forward in their life.

I'm committed to making this world a better place...so whether I'm speaking, writing books, leading workshops or 1:1 sessions and writing content through social media...it's all about INFINITE TRUST.

Infinite Trust is about listening from within, instead of relying on external factors and the opinions of others, so you can embrace your inner power. 

I'm here as a messenger to remind us all that we all have the ability to heal from within...and lead a happier, healthier and peaceful life. 


"Gurds is a stunning role model and a great example of how easy and natural it can be to wake up and heal yourself once you become aware"

Dona Sasarman | Coach


About Gurds

As a Trauma Coach and Inner Work Expert, I have more than a decade of experience in trauma healing, boundaries and inner child work. 

Many of my clients have discovered their purpose, entered healthy relationships, created stronger boundaries, reconnected with their inner child and learnt to love themselves better. 

My signature approach comes down to holding the space for my clients to feel, deal and heal their trauma in a safe and understanding environment...allowing them to heal quicker. 

I have extensive experience in coaching, journalism and healthcare and have helped many women to transform trauma and infinitely trust themselves, so they can powerfully move forward in their life. 

I'm committed to walking my talk.

"You need to hear Gurds tell you how to overcome the pain of the past and how to strive."

Dr Leonard Coldwell | Author

My 12 Year Journey

Learn how I walked away from a career in health journalism and publishing to discover the REAL ME. How I transformed my trauma and energy to INFINITELY TRUST myself. Learn how these events heavily inspired my mission to help women to get to the core of who they REALLY are...so they can lead a happier, healthier and peaceful life. 

"Gurds is a true inspiration and has a real gift for helping people transform their lives around. Hearing her story will give you goosebumps."

Simone Vincenzi | Business Coach