A 4 Month Journey To Reclaim Your Power.


Because you are tired of feeling anxious, being mistreated and not being seen and heard...because you are tired of doing the inner work alone and want to be held in a loving, understanding and powerful environment...because you want to thrive in your life. 

Are you an ambitious women, who feels so much...feels other people's emotions...feels empty and burnout...feels so angry but doesn't know why? I hear you. 

The Infinite Trust Method is a life changing, soul transformational 4-Month 1:1 program that will take you on a journey of inner transformation, healing and inner peace. There are 8 sessions which include, Voxer access, juicy wisdom, homework and accountability. 



I've combined 11 Years of Training and Experience To Give You the Exact Steps to Infinitely Trust Yourself In Any Situation

How Can I Help You?


Let me help you transform your trauma and learn how to trust yourself, so you can powerfully move forward in your life. 

Let me take you to the other side. The other side of anger, fear, doubt, jealously, insecurity and comparison.

Let me guide you towards self-love, compassion, self-awareness and feminine wisdom. 

If you want to powerfully change your life, it all starts from within. It starts by saying, Yes, I'm ready to do things I've never done before. 

I understand where you're at. In 2012, I collapsed in an office job, heartbroken, ashamed and alone...I was angry at the world and didn't know who to turn to. It took a cancer scare and a journey of deep inner transformation to wake me up. 

One thing I quickly learnt is that we all have the power to heal and take charge of our lives. Are you ready? I'm here to help. 


What Scares You, Helps You Grow Into The Person You Are Meant To Be


What's Holding You Back?

Decades of unhealed trauma and patriarchal systems that have been handed down from one generation to another and a deep fear of asking too much, being too loud or being your real self...when really, you're asking too little. 

The Infinite Trust Method®

That's right, you're asking for too little. You were born to live life to the fullest and that happens when you heal your trauma, hold strong boundaries, embrace your inner wild child, divine femininity and nourish yourself.

The Infinite Trust Method® is here to help you awaken the deeper parts of yourself that you have been hiding. Are you ready to dive in and finally meet yourself?


You Are Here To Live A Happier, Healthier And Peaceful Life


What's Included In The 4-Month Program:

  • 2 calls Per Month With Healing Immersions
  • 8 Life Changing Sessions With Deep Inner Transformation
  • A 5-Hour VIP Session Where We Clear Out Ancestral, Cultural, Societal and Familial Trauma
  • A Mother, Father, Sibling Wound Clearing
  • Voxer Access, Available Monday - Wednesday & Friday - Saturday
  • Access To Weekly Support, Advice And Accountability
  • Tools And Techniques to Help You Live A Joyful Life
  • So Much More Is Waiting For You Inside the Infinite Trust Method Toolkit - I Can't Wait To Support Your Transformation

I Take You Where No Therapist Has Taken You Before


What Happens Over the 4 Months?


01 Understanding Yourself

We look at what needs to be healed, why you're feeling overwhelmed and what's holding you back. Learn more about yourself, values and belief systems and upbringing. How to stop beating yourself and live a guilt-free life...even when you make mistakes.


02 Rise Up Sister VIP Day

It's time to pull out the roots from your past, from ancestral, cultural, societal, familial to first-generational trauma. We dive in deep and turn your wounds into wisdom, learn forgiveness and replace the past pain with deep gratitude for the person. We honour the wise person you have become.


03 Self Love & Awareness

Understand what self-love really means to you and how to embrace it in your daily life. We will look at familial and societal patterns of self-love for women and how it was shaped for your female lineage. We heal this old version and clear guilt, shame and self-sabotage to create a loving relationship with yourself. 


04 Boundaries & Protection

Do you feel guilty for holding boundaries? We look at your relationship with saying NO, as well as your values. We heal the old guilt, fear and shame surrounding boundaries to make way for an empowered version of you, who speaks her truth with ease. You'll also learn how to protect yourself energetically. 


05 Inner Wild Child

It's time to unleash your inner wild child. She lies deeply within you, waiting to come out and play again. You will meet your inner child and heal any past pain that's holding her back. You'll get to ask her what she needs to feel seen and heard and feel safe again.


06 Feminine & Masculine Energy

Understand how to finally reduce burnout and learn how to access your wild feminine energy.  You'll rewrite your story with masculine energy and create a balanced relationship with yourself. You'll learn the difference between feminine and masculine energy, which one is holding you back and heal this.


07 Soul's Plan & Numerology

It's time to understand your life's numerology, what you came here to learn, the karmic lessons, what needs to be healed and how to step into your empowerment to attract the life you deserve.


08 Freedom To Rise

It's time to co-create with the universe, understand your frequency and the power of gratitude. You'll learn powerful tools to help you Infinitely Trust Yourself and keep you aligned when life gets messy. You'll receive a special bonus to help you on your journey of freedom, joy and inner peace. 

All The Healing You Need To Infinitely Trust Yourself


Hear From Women On This Journey...


"Gurds has given me the confidence to believe in myself and the decisions that I'm making and also to be more open and vulnerable around others, so I don't have to carry all the weight by myself." 

Sahana Reddy

"As we worked through the trauma program I started to redefine myself. It was like a vista. As a result of that of 4 months of shifting trauma, past events and limiting beliefs, which came with all of that; I have this solid sense of myself of self belief." 

Janine Hill

"I was about to get married so a lot of childhood and emotional and family issues came apparent...my biggest growth was having more compassion for myself and also understanding my family background and generational trauma and implementing boundaries." 

Dr. Setare Taabodi-Wilkoff 

"After working with Gurds, I gradually began to change my mindset and way of thinking about myself. It was more than just thinking positive, it's become more a belief in myself and not letting others opinions affect me. This has helped me gradually make sustainable changes, that one small change at a time is key."

Nicola Dickinson

"Being in this healing program was discovering a part of myself I hadn't seen before. We healed the wounds parts of my past to help me finally meet my inner child and discover my soul's purpose. I hight recommend Gurds as a coach and someone who makes you feel seen and heard."  

Saadia Khan

"Gurds has a gifted talent in making others to believe in oneself. She helped me realise my full potential irrespective of any shortcomings and obstacles. I now believe that anything is possible." 


"Before working with Gurds, I was drained and didn't have boundaries and absorbed other people's emotions. I took on other people's problems on as if they were my own. Now I have much better boundaries and I'm able to restore a lot of my energy." 


"Life was like a world wind, full of being in my head. Fully of not having a clear idea of what I want or where I'm standing. When I worked with Gurds, clarity came in, she's a good sounding board." 

Andrea Garcia

"Gurds helped clear out the cobwebs that were making ideas and dreams fuzzy and helped me see more clearly. She did that with great empathy, energy, and enthusiasm and I left every coaching session with more clarity than the previous. By the second to last session, I had a plan for my life and felt 100% positive about this new direction. I am following my passion and I am so much happier. I had many aha moments while working with Gurds, but the most powerful one would have to be when I came to the realization that I wanted to pursue this new path, especially since it was something I had never considered before. Gurds is intuitive, smart, pleasant, insightful, and easy to talk to. She just got me, even over zoom! If you are looking for direction or feeling lost, I highly recommend working with Gurds to find your purpose in life."

Suman Gill

"I am so very grateful for crossing Gurds' path. I was in a dark place when I reached out to Gurds for help and support in re-building my self-esteem and confidence. Throughout our coaching program, both during and in between sessions, she was unwaveringly present, insightful, supportive and frank. All with a healthy dose of humour and compassion! With her help, I learned invaluable tools to self-soothe, reconnect to my inner self, release negative emotions, identify toxic triggers, build resilience, and approach various aspects of my life with intention and confidence. I highly recommend embarking on a journey of self-transformation with Gurds "

Maréma D

"As soon as I met Gurds, she was so personable and really took the time to understand what I was struggling with. She made things so comfortable that I felt that I could share anything with her. She's really helped me get on the path that I needed to be on, to live life on my own terms."


"Gurds has brought me back from a dark patch in my life. She inspired me to look at the positives in life and how to deal with negative emotion constructively. She is a true inspiration bursting with positive energy."

Anita Kaur

Learn Tools To Help You Expand In Your Growth


Modalities That I Use


It's Time To Clear The Past And Live Your Soul's Truth

Meet Your Guide


Gurds Hundal is a remarkable coach, known worldwide for helping women to transform trauma and infinitely trust themselves, so they can powerfully move forward in their life. Currently creating a group mastermind for women to heal on a deeper level.

Gurds has been holding transformative 1:1 sessions for women since 2014, to help women to deepen their connection with self and heal generational trauma, and she is expanding her knowledge regarding wounds of patriarchy and diving deep into the ancient wisdom of women.

Gurds has more than a decade of self-healing experience from ancestral, cultural, societal, familial, childhood, relationship to first-generational trauma. She is no stranger to trauma, she has healed many things in her life from childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, an eating disorder to kidney disease.

Gurds has remarkably turned her life around and continues to inspire women to do their inner work.



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