A 5 Hour Intensive To Take Your Power Back.


Because you are tired of living in the past, giving your power away and not being heard and seen...because you no longer want to be a people-pleaser, sacrificer and doormat...because you want to move forward and say YES to your life.

Let's be real: You're probably a high achieving women who is a perfectionist...dislikes letting others down, super hard on yourself and struggle to calm your mind and let the past go. I hear you. 

Rise Up Sister is a 5 hour life changing, transformational experience that will help you finally heal your past and rebirth a new you! After the VIP day, you'll be able to trust yourself more than ever before. You'll be surprised how much we clear in 5 hours!


All The Healing You Need To Let The Past Go

How Can I Help?

Let me guide you in a safe, loving and empathetic space. 

Let me help you live your truth and no longer feel stuck in the past. 

Let me guide you towards releasing guilt, shame and anger that's been stuck in your heart for decades. 

You are worthy of living a happier, healthier and joyful life where you're growing, healing, laughing and feeling. 

It's time to let your inner wild child be free and trust in your inner wisdom. Sis, I get inner work alone is hard, raw and messy. I spent 8 years doing it alone, it was tiring AF! It's draining and emotionally overwhelming...it holds you back from living a joyful life quicker.

If you're tired of reading books, listening to podcasts, speaking to therapists and want to dive deep into your self expansion, l'm here to help. 


Heal A Lifetime Of Trauma In One Session


What Holds Us Women Back

Decades of unhealed trauma and patriarchal systems that have been handed down from one generation to another and being suffocated with the "good girl" ideas, about who you're supposed to be...when really, you needed space heal and trust yourself.

Rise Up Sister Method®


Many of us have been conditioned to think that people-pleasing is important, when in actual fact it causes us to betray ourselves. It's time to peel off the layers of ancestral, cultural, familial, societal and generational patterns that are limiting your happiness. 

Rise Up Sister® is here to help you no longer operate in guilt, shame and survival mode. Are you ready to choose you?


Its Quicker Than Therapy And You'll Release So Much

What The Day Includes:

  • Release Ancestral, Cultural, Societal and Familial Trauma
  • Heal People-Pleasing, Self-Sacrificing and Martyr Patterns
  • Release Childhood Trauma and Learn How It Impacted Your Life
  • Heal The Mother, Father and Sibling Wound

    • Practical Tools To Feel, Deal and Heal Your Trauma
    • Deepen Your Soul's Wisdom and Infinitely Trust Yourself With Ease and Grace
    • Forgive Yourself and The Past To Live In Your Truth and Freedom
    • Heal Immigrant Trauma and First Generational, Guilt, Shame and Expectations

          Learn To Finally Trust Yourself And Your Inner Wisdom

          Modalities That I Use


          There's No Other Healing Experience Like It


          "I was about to get married so a lot of childhood and emotional and family issues came apparent...my biggest growth was having more compassion for myself and also understanding my family background and generational trauma and implementing boundaries." 

          Dr. Setare Taabodi-Wilkoff 

          "Working with Gurds was a game changer for me. She really helped me to understand and heal my trauma, be kind to myself and realise I'm the first person in my family to heal fully. She made me feel safe during our VIP day. I highly recommend you work with Gurds, your life will change."

          Toni K

          "I was in the middle of break with my now husband and Gurds coaching has helped me heal not only my past trauma, but helped me get to a place where we can get back together and get married." 

          Andrea Misir

          "During the 5 hour session, Gurds held the space for me to feel, deal and heal my past pain. I've never experienced anything like this before, it's better than therapy. She's an amazing soul and will help you fall back in love with yourself."

          Rebecca Thompson

          "Gurds is a lifesaver. After leaving a toxic relationship, she helped me to heal my relationship trauma and speak my truth. She is super understanding and made me feel at ease through out the VIP Day."

          Claire Richards

          Let Yourself Be Seen, Heard And Understood

          Meet Your Guide

          A leader in the empath movement, Gurds Hundal has more than a decade of experience in trauma healing, boundaries and inner child work. In a previous life, she was a health journalist. Everyday, she battled with anxiety, perfectionism, panic attacks and loneliness.

          In 2012, she decided enough was enough. She embarked on a journey of self-healing. She learnt many healing modalities, attended events and spiritual programs to trust her inner wisdom.

          Since 2014, she has been holding 1:1 sessions for women worldwide to deepen their connection with self and heal the wounds of their past, so they can finally move forward with their life. 

          Gurds has more than a decade of self-healing experience from ancestral, cultural, societal, familial, childhood, relationship to first-generational trauma. She is no stranger to trauma, she has healed many things in her life from childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, an eating disorder to kidney disease.

          Her podcast was named as one of the Best Inner Peace Podcasts for 2020. Gurds is committed to walking her talk and helps her clients to feel seen, heard and understood, allowing them to heal quicker. 

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