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We’re all born to follow our dharma. But most of the time, we allow the outside world to determine how we live our life.
Suddenly things that we loved, no longer satisfy us, we think that having a child, getting married or taking a yoga class, will make us feel better. When really, the answers all lie within you.
I know what it’s like to feel unsatisfied with life, feeling lost and confused. I know what it’s like to be afraid to listen from within and have uncomfortable conversations.
Then one day, our soul can no longer take it and everything begins to crumble to make way for a new path. Those uncomfortable conversations become easier and we start to feel empowered.

It’s not easy walking away from your old life, but when a rebirth is happening, you’re being invited to dive in deep and trust yourself more than ever.
For some people it might take having a child, getting divorced, walking away from a toxic background or a breakdown to change your life. Sally knows what it’s like to set herself free and trust the wisdom from within.
Sally Lakshmi Thurley is a spiritual mentor and teacher and gives entrepreneurs the tools and guidance to find God, anchor themselves in grace and uncover and achieve their highest potential.

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