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We all have financial patterns from our families and that can shape how we act, spend and behave around money. For some, money has been a roadblock for generations within their lineage but imagine if you could heal your financial patterns and live a richer life?
I know what it’s like to be financially broke AF and be financially abundant. I have had moments crying on the floor praying to the universe for help. Those were my low moments but once I learnt the power of educating yourself on your financial patterns and behaviours, and creating a system that works for you, my abundance flowed in.
I spent many years thinking that being rich was bad, that was linked to the stories I heard growing up. When really being rich is a bad ass, you have more money to help others and live a healthier life.
Even though times have changed, many women still have old patterns that hold them back from becoming financially independent but my guest explains how it’s easy to change your family’s financial lineage. She believes we can all live a financially abundant life.

I vowed to myself moving forward that I would heal and do whatever it takes to come back home to myself. Several years of healing, inner work, reflection and growth, I have been 8 years sober, happier, healthier and living in the moment.
Bola Sokunbi is a finance expert, author and speaker. She is the founder of Clever Girl Finance, where she empowered women to achieve financial wellness and live life on their own terms.

* The journey of saving your financial abundance
* Why we need to get real with our money as women
* Why this is an important time to heal our ancestral and familial money beliefs and patterns
* How she changed her financial story
* And 5 top tips to change your finances for the better and live a rich life

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