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So many women are either focusing too much on their masculine energy (the alpha) or too much on their feminine energy (the flow) without balancing them.
I know what it’s like to focus on one side as I was an alpha female until 2012, when my heart burst wide open. I learnt how to trust my feminine flow and then became imbalanced in my masculine energy.
I spent years learning how to balance my energy and then realised our truth power lies in balancing the masculine and feminine energy and that’s what I did.
So many women are either spending ridiculously on things they don’t need or saving for a rainy day (whenever that will be). But the key is embracing your financial energy by saving, but also having money to play with. That’s true balance.

When we embrace our masculine financial energy we learn how to take action. When we embrace our feminine financial energy, we learn how to flow and trust the process. My guest shares how she lived in her feminine energy until she learnt her masculine energy - to find true financial balance.
Juliet Tang helps visionary coaches and consultants create work that amplifies their vision and impact. She has been featured on Mind Body Green and The Elephant Journal.

* The importance of claiming your masculine energy as an empowered woman
* Why surrendering to your soul is key for your spiritual growth
* How the new masculine energy is softer than the old masculinity than ever before
* How you can trust your inner wisdom
* Why embracing your medicine will help you become wealthy in all areas of your life
* And 5 top tips to move out of being stuck in a rut to thrive in business

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