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Any type of abuse is unacceptable. It’s not easy to heal our past and the pain it has caused us over the years. But sexual abuse can be something that’s hard to forget.
Many people over the years have shared with me that they have been sexually abused or raped. Their pain is real, the damage it causes them is life traumatising, often leading to PTSD.
I have seen these incredible women turn their lives around, take their power back and finally have the courage to speak their truth. But it’s not easy - the world we live in, can be cruel and unkind to victims of sexual abuse and rape, including men who have been abused.
I believe there needs to be more awareness of how sexual abuse and rape can affect people’s emotional and mental health.

My guest shares how she forgave her abuser to finally take her power back, speak her truth and no longer give the abuser her power.
Nina Concepion i s a coach, speaker and business strategist who empowers women through their vulnerability to serve authentically.

* The importance of knowing yourself
* Why healing from our past is so important
* Why sharing your vulnerability is key
* How she overcame sexual abuse and why any type of abuse needs to be eradicated
* Why doing the inner work is so important
* And 5 top tips for being your authentic self


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