Cynthia Kane

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Being an empath or highly sensitive is not easy in a world that is constantly trying to tell you that your sensitivity is a weakness. But as an empowered empath, I understand this was their way to distract us from our inner power.
I know what it’s like to try and meditate and find it difficult to silence the monkey mind from within. I know what it’s like to look around the room, trying to shut my eyes and pray that I can meditate.
Many people have suffered from trying to meditate in a chaotic world. But the key is find a style that works for you and gently allow yourself to emerge into the unknown.
I believe when you overcome the first part, everything else starts to flow easily. Imagine learning how to meditate like a buddhist, easily without it being complicated! My guest is trying to help everyone learn how to meditate easily.

Cynthia Kane is a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor who empowers people to change their way of communicating through Buddhist meditation.

* The importance of forgiveness for yourself and others
* How she overcame her issue with sitting still and being silent to listen to her inner voice
* How she set herself from her dark night of the soul
* How one email changed her life
* Why people are afraid to mediate and what they can do to alter this
* And 5 top tips to overcome the struggle of meditating in silence

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