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It's tough being an empath in a world that constantly focuses on the masculine energy. I remember being called too emotional and told to toughen up! Slowly my softness began to disappear and a harder, alpha female came to light.
By the time I hit my late 20’s, I had guided my emotions, afraid to speak my truth and my body began to shut down due to living a fake life.
I spent years thinking that being sensitive was a curse when really it’s my gift. In 2012, that all changed when my heart burst opened and I began to peel back the layers of my childhood trauma. The more I peeled off, the more I learnt that being sensitive was a gift and not a curse!
I remember when I first heard the time empath and I began to cry. It was the first time I felt understood and I wasn’t alone. My guest felt the same too.

I believe when you embrace your sensitivity you will begin to thrive. My guest is trying to dismantle old sensitive beliefs and help empaths feel empowered. .
Taa’Nesha White is an intuitive clairaudient empath, who helps Empaths and HSP learn how to turn their sensitivity into a Superpower. She’s an Energy Healer, Life Coach and Teacher.

* The secret powers of being an empath
* How we both grew up with a tough exterior and ignored our emotions
* How she overcame depression, overwhelm, burnout and frustration
* Why it’s important to protect your energy as empaths take on other people’s emotions
* The power of healing the inner child and trusting your inner wisdom
* And 5 top tips to protect your energy from others

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