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It’s a longing most empaths know, deep down they can feel other people’s thoughts and emotions. But instead they ignore their intuition and keep trying to save everyone else, when really they need saving themselves!
Alcohol, drugs, food, overworking or any kind of addiction has long been their way of ignoring their pain. But these eventually cause other problems in the body!
I know what it’s like to constantly give my energy away to others and resent them later. I know what it’s like to have a chronic illness and others judge me for this.
Then one day, I realised how I had picked up other people’s thoughts and emotions which had stored in my body. Even though my kidney defect was genetics, I didn’t protect myself enough from absorbing other people’s stuff!

Since realising that I’m an empath, I vowed to myself that my health and wellbeing is my number one priority and everything else can wait.
I believe when you heal your past, speak your truth and nurture your soul, everything becomes aligned for you. This week’s guest has a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with a chronic illness. Growing up as an empath, she knows what it’s like to turn inwards instead of asking for help.
Sarah Small is the Empowered Empath who is supporting women entrepreneurs to create a thriving body, business, and life. She believes the pathway to healing inevitably leads you to your soul’s purpose!

* What it’s like growing up as a disempowered empath
* How she overcame her emotional pain and start healing her chronic illness
* The power of letting go of old emotions
* How clearing our surroundings helps us to flow easily
* The power of emotional healing and protecting your energy
* How our emotions store in the body and can cause illnesses, especially for empaths and highly sensitive people
* And 5 top tips for taking your power back as an empowered empath

Connect with Sarah:
Her podcast:
The Uncensored Empath
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