Belinda Farrell

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I’ve been on an incredible path of healing myself, not just social, cultural, familial, financial, but ancestral. We all have deep wounds from our ancestors that have been handed down to us from one generation to another.
I know what it’s like to walk away from toxic situations to protect myself and my energy, so I could finally be at peace. I understand how one incident can shift your whole life.
I spent many years thinking there was something wrong with me, but at the time I was unaware of my empath energy. I never really understand why people loved talking to me all the time. Until 2012, when the curtains dropped and realised they were attracted to my aura.
So many of us as empaths, keep giving because that’s all we know. But the key is to heal the past, hold strong boundaries and trust your inner wisdom. I’m not the only one who has been on this journey.

My guest healed nerve damage that was handed down to her through DNA - from her mother. She learnt how to clear that pain and set herself free. She’s a beautiful soul with a big heart.
Belinda Farrell is a past life regression guide, Hawaiian chanting and ancient Hawaiian healer. She shares how healing practices set ourselves and our souls free!

* How she overcome nerve damage
* The benefits of stillness and meditation
* The power of healing yourself
* Her journey with snake venom
* Benefits of cord cutting
* Releasing old beliefs and patterns
* Hawain healing
* And 5 top tips for dealing with chronic illness

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