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One of the most common questions I get is how do you turn your life around when you feel suicidal. I wanted to answer this question from someone who has experienced this and has overcome their dark night of the soul.
I know what it’s like to have these thoughts as a teenger, as there were many nights where I didn’t want to be in the world and that was because I didn’t know I was absorbing other people’s thoughts and emotions. The more I listened to people’s problems in my teens the more sad and anxious I became. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I realised how other people’s stuff was affecting my emotions.
I believe many empaths and highly sensitive people have felt this way in their earlier life’s as being sensitive is often seen as a weakness in a masculine world. But when an empath takes their power back, speaks their truth and realises their sensitivity was never a weakness but a strength, those thoughts begin to slowly disappear.
The reason many sensitive people feel this was is because they never learnt how to hold strong boundaries or say NO to others. Many grew up in controlled, toxic or narcissist environments where their emotions were gaslighted and toyed with and they couldn’t hear their own thoughts.

Many empaths trust other people versus themselves and that’s when those dark thoughts appear. When you trust your inner voice and ignore the opinions of others, you take your power back as an Empowered Empath.
My guest knows this better than anyone else as her upbringing was her cause for her feeling suicidal.
Ashley DuFrense is a master channel and energy alchemist who is aligning people with their authentic self and soul’s mission. She’s a fellow empath and believes that through confidence, personal power and self value we can thrive in the world.

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