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We’ve been diving deep into healing our ancestral pain, but what about racism and the pain it causes many people of colour? It's deeply rooted.
I know what it’s like to receive racial abuse my entire life, just for existing. I know what it’s like to be judged for the colour of your skin, the way you speak (apparently I don’t sound “Indian” wtf) and hold yourself as a person.
I know what it’s like to be placed into boxes just because of your name, gender and colour of your skin. I know what it’s like to work in a racist industry that constantly shames people of colour, especially women of colour for being themselves.
I know what it’s like for racism to affect my mental health and feel like I was a failure in the industry, when really I was expected to be half of myself, to make the people around me feel comfortable.

The problem is no one realises how deeply rooted racism, classism and sexism is embedded in our genes. Our ancestors have come a long way, however we still have a lot of work to do. And I don’t mean people of colour, I mean white privilege.
I believe it’s time to get uncomfortable and deepen into our own biases and question where they came from. The more uncomfortable questions we ask ourselves, the more we grow and then heal. But one thing is the people who have never received racial abuse need to stop defending themselves when people of colour speak out, you will never never know what it feels like. And expecting people of colour to answer their questions is nonsense. Educate yourself instead.
When we heal our ancestral patterns, we heal the world and those around us. Elayne knows what classism feels and we dive deep into our own wounds of healing.
Elayne Kalila Doughty is an ordained Priestess and the founder of the Priestess Presence Temple. She empowers women through embodiment practices and devoted services, to inspire women to unleash their leadership gifts and step into their full potential.

* Healing the wounds of our ancestral lineage
* Setting boundaries with others as women
* Embracing the divine feminine
* How the divine sets us up for our life’s journey
* The power of epigenetics
* Dismantling systemic racism
* How white privilege is everywhere
* And 5 top tips for embracing the divine feminine

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