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Imagine living your life thinking there was something wrong with you because you could feel the thoughts and feelings of others. Imagine living a lie to protect yourself from being called too weak. This is the life of many empaths and highly sensitive people who were told their sensitivity was a let down vs a gift.
I’ve spent my whole life being told that being sensitive is a weakness or you need to toughen up darling. But in the end, all that caused me to shut down my emotions and not trust others. It made me alcohol and food to numb the pain instead of facing it.
I believe empaths and highly sensitive people have gifts that scare most people. We can smell bullshit from a mile away, we can sense when something isn’t right and we can sense people’s pain without them necessarily saying anything.

My guest has spent her entire life thinking there was something wrong with her, until she understood she was an empath. A she grew her business she realised how blocks she needed to clear to set herself free as an empowered empath.
Randi Lee is a spiritual business coach who is passionate about helping heart-led leaders create and scale their soulful business. She believes we can all make the impact that we truly desire

* What life is like as an unaware empath
* The importance of boundaries with others and yourself
* The power of doing the inner work
* Why healing our past trauma with money helps us to grow and prosper
* The importance of self-exploration
* Why it's crucial to shift your vibration with money
* And 5 top tips for creating abundance in your business

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