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In the western world, we often forget how blessed we are to receive an education so easily. But for some girls in the eastern world, giving females an education can be seen as a threat.
A threat to stand up for herself, to educate herself, know her rights and make a change within her community. A woman is often seen as a burden in third world countries. Yet, when you educate a young girl, she can make changes in her area.
I’ve seen what it’s like to be educated as a woman of colour from a young age. I have a BA and MA and my mother educated herself, at a time when Indian girls were being married off before they were 16 years old. Whereas my mother became independent and a nurse.
I’ve seen what happens when women aren’t educated enough on my father’s side, back home in India. There’s a lack of knowledge about their financial, emotional and spiritual rights. Instead, they’re seen as homemakers and expected to please everyone around themselves, except themselves.

The scariest thing is how common this is within the eastern world. But when a woman is educated, some people feel threatened by her awareness of the world and her rights and suddenly she’s seen as rebellious for having her own thoughts. There’s so much more education needed in the world for young girls and women to be free.
I believe “the world will be free when women are financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually free.”™
Dayle Haddon is the founder and CEO of WomenOne and is helping to raise awareness about the barriers to education around the world. She previously had a successful career in the beauty and fashion industry, modelling for L’Oreal, Revlon and so many more.

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