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So many of us have a deeper connection with our ancestors. They appear in our dreams, send us divine downloads or a message is sent through someone else in human form, but you sense it’s your ancestor guiding you.
I know what it’s like to lose a loved one. In fact, I’ve lost many over the last few years and it’s not been easy. However, my grandma always comes to me in different ways from birds to squirrels, her voice or even her talking to me in my dreams. I always feel her presence and feel she’s always guiding me.
I know many empaths and highly sensitive people have this gift but often feel afraid to share this, as this would be deemed as woo woo or someone might say ‘get a check up.’ But the truth is there’s nothing wrong with hearing your ancestors' voices.
I’ve had many conversations with people over the years about their childhoods and how they could smell fresh bread in the house, but there was no one baking, or they could see someone but their parents would shrug it off and say they were imagining it.

As children, our senses, sounds and understanding of things outside of human form is so attuned but when we go to school, we begin to lose all knowledge of self. In adulthood, we start to hear these voices again but freak out. The key is to tap into the wisdom of what’s being shared with you and how it’s guiding you.
We’ve had my guest on the show before, see episode 135 and we have discussed the challenges we faced growing up as empaths. This time we dive in deeper to how we started listening to our own inner voices.
Ashley DuFrense is a master channel and energy alchemist who is aligning people with their authentic self and soul’s mission. She’s a fellow empath and believes that through confidence, personal power and self value we can thrive in the world.

* Listening to your inner voice
* Why trusting your empath energy is important to hear your intuition
* The power of learning to trust your senses
* Why it’s important to hold boundaries with others
* How to listen to your guides and ancestors
* The difference between empath and empathy
* And 5 top tips for how to trust your inner voice and start a business

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