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No one could have imagined the pain 2020 was going to cause us all. But the curtains finally dropped and the truth about racism came to light. People’s masks were revealed, racists from others became apparent and the true justice warriors came to awaken the world.
I know what it’s like to receive abuse for the colour of my skin. In fact, it’s been happening since I was a child, even though my parents never stated my skin tone to me. I still remember as a child asking my mother “why am I dirty?” after a child at school had called me this. I still remember my mother's reaction, it was heartbreaking.
I spent many years trying to figure out my identity. I was born in the UK to Indian parents and I didn’t know where I belonged. I was too brown for white kids and too white for brown kids. It was a constant battle.
But racism was always at the forefront of my pain at School, University and the workplace. I was often told “you’re well spoken for an Indian woman” - what on earth does that mean!

The experiences I had in the journalism world were horrifying and one of the reasons I decided to walk away from the industry. Regular racism was normal in the industry and if you spoke up as a woman of colour, you were classed as 'aggressive.'
I believe when we work on our thoughts about race, race and gender, the world will become a safer place. This episode I share my experiences with a dear friend of mine.
Ethos de Leon is a social justice warrior, co-creating and advocating for movements, such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, immigration and indigenous rights activism in Washington DC. Ethos believes everything is medicine and we can shift the narrative of the way that we speak to ourselves, to others and to Mother Gaia.

* Our personal experiences of racism within UK and America
* The problems of Police brutality
* Why Black Lives and Equality Matters
* Systematic racism and how it was created to set up people of colour to fail
* Feminine and Masculine Stories
* The Power of Embracing Your Emotions
* How The Systems Control Our Beliefs
* And 5 top tips for embracing your shadow work

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