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In these unpredictable times, so many of us are facing old patterns and wounds that we have kept hidden in our subconscious - for years. Suddenly those thoughts are rising to the surface and we are being called to heal those wounds.
Alcohol, drugs, food, overworking or any kind of addiction has long been their way of ignoring their pain. But in these current times, we are being invited to heal old wounds that have been holding us back.
I know what it’s like to ignore my own trauma. In fact, I spent most of my earlier life ignoring my wounds, listening to other people’s problems just so I didn’t have to face my own! This caused me to turn to alcohol, over the counter medicines, food and shopping sprees. No matter what I did, I couldn’t ignore the pain.
Then one day, I was made redundant in 2012 and later, I had a cancer scare that scared the crap out of me. As I ran out of the hospital crying with joy, I heard the words “it’s time to heal” and in that moment, my life transformed forever.

I vowed to myself moving forward that I would heal and do whatever it takes to come back home to myself. Several years of healing, inner work, reflection and growth, I have been 8 years sober, happier, healthier and living in the moment.
I believe when you heal your past, you heal your life. This week’s guest has a deeper understanding of what it’s like to take your power back. Coming from a corporate life, living the party lifestyle, she transformed her life around after a break up.
Sigrid Tasies is a Leadership and Embodiment Coach and the author of Intimacy Within. She hosts the Podcast Sacred Leaders and Modern Medicine Woman. She believes we can all fully embody our truth and create an impact in the world.

* How a break up or traumatic incident can transform your life
* Walking Away From A Corporate Job To Find Your Soul's Purpose
* The difference between embodied self care and bubble baths
* Why it’s important to heal your pain and trust the wisdom from within
* The importance of finding a leader who has done the inner work and continually works on themselves, instead of coaches who preach about the work they do, but haven’t done their inner work
* Why it’s crucial to have a morning routine instead of going on social media and focusing other people’s lives
* And 5 top tips for creating more intimacy from within

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