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It’s not easy working in an environment where sexism and racism are at the forefront of the workplace. I know what it’s like to be treated badly in the office environment. I know what it's like to leave an industry due to the treatment I was given, all for raising my voice when people were being prejudiced, sexist or racist.
I know what it’s like to receive abuse for something I never did in the workplace all because the person on the other side felt triggered by my colour. I’ve received the ‘it’s people like you who will take my job’ while referring to my skin colour.
I spent many years making these people feel comfortable and taking on their emotions, when really they should have been called out for their racist, sexist and prejudiced language. And when I did speak out, I was made to feel like I was the problem!
The fear of being called out can make people in power feel uncomfortable but change needs to be made to dismantle old beliefs in the workplace. It’s almost as if we are still stuck in the 1980’s where women are expected to behave as alpha males.

I believe when you embrace your masculine and feminine energy and especially in the workplace, not only will you thrive but your team will too! Coming from a corporate life, my guest is trying to dismantle old beliefs in the workplace and that starts with the leadership.
Mory Fontanez is a Purpose Coach and Founder of 822 Group. She’s had a successful career in corporate America and realised that many leaders do not understand their own higher purpose. She believes we can all lean into our natural gifts and talents.

* How times have changed and why it's important to dismantle old workplace beliefs more than ever
* Why the systems need to change
* The importance of equal representation of female voices in the workplace
* Why the rise of femininity in the work environment is so powerful
* How the current energy of scarcity energy attracts fear in the workplace reduces people's productivity
* And 5 top tips for creating more abundance in the workplace

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