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Imagine living in a small village and growing up in a country where two civil wars are happening at the same time? Scary right!
It’s not easy to keep going when the pressures of success are placed on you to be successful for your family, but also being an immigrant and the pressures that come with this.
Just like my guest, I was a workaholic and even though on the outside I looked happy, on the inside I was far from it. Until I had a redundancy payout and a cancer scare which changed my life forever. For my guest, it was the pressures of studying at university that led him to receive the right help.
So many immigrants have trauma from their childhood and we carry on like nothing has happened. Until the pressure of doing well and our body can no longer take it, for us to do something about it.

For my guest, it was exactly that and it changed the trajectory of his life too!
Dilan Dane is the CEO of System 2, the first relationship based, technology accelerated fitness brand that prioritizes longevity over quick-fix exercise fads. But life wasn’t always like this for Dilan, coming from Sri Lanka.

* Growing up during a civil war
* The pressure ethnic people face as immigrants
* Having a low moment and seeking therapy
* Healing your trauma without guilt or shame
* Discovering gifts
* Healing for the modern generation
* And 5 top tips for healing your past

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