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Imagine hearing the news your son had passed away due to a traffic accident, a few months after beating cancer. Shelley Buck and her husband, Chris the director of Frozen and Surf’s Up never imagined this to be their story.
In memory of their son Ryder, a character in Frozen was created to share his joy for life. When Shelley was hit with the news, she reached out to her dearest and oldest friend, Kathy Curtis, who helped her to grief and heal her trauma.
It’s not easy losing a loved one, especially a child so suddenly. I know what it’s like to lose some of my favourite people in my life. It wasn’t easy and certainly took me time to heal from.
My grandma was someone who was fierce and joyful. She taught me how to flow with life instead of controlling. When she transcended a few years ago, it took me a further few years to heal from the grief, after losing another loved one.

Shelley shares about her grief, how Kathy helped and how they birth the book, leave your light to commemorate her son’s wisdom.
Shelley Buck worked for Disney and that’s where she met her husband Chris. Kathy Curtis is a writer and healer.

* How Shelley dealt with the loss of her eldest son
* How she connected to her son through her book
* Living life to the fullest
* Finding your passion
* Speaking to your ancestors
* Dealing with a child having cancer
* The power of healing grief

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