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Growing up in a dysfunctional family isn’t easy. It can take over a child’s life further into their adult years.
They can feel abandoned, misunderstood and often rejected by others. The way they cope isn’t healthy and often traumatic.
Many will use work as an escapism mechanism and use drugs, alcohol or people pleasing to numb their pain, instead of feeling what they’re feeling.
When a parent doesn’t regulate their own emotions, they often use their anger towards their kids instead of healing their own emotions. They use the child as an emotional punch bag which is so wrong!

Many kids who grew up with trauma find it difficult to express their needs and often have a trauma bond attached to the person who emotionally abused them!
When we heal toxic patterns, we heal the world and those around us. Raj knows what it’s like growing up in a toxic household to set himself free.
Raj Montage is a trauma survivor and empowerment coach. His mission is to help as many people in my lifetime become the best versions of themselves.

* What it’s like growing up in a South Asian community
* How your community affects your future
* How he realised he was an empath
* Healing our racism trauma
* How first generation immigrants have deep trauma
* Listening to your inner child
* And so much more!

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