Lisa Barnett

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Ever felt like you're destined for more, but not sure how? I can relate. Ever felt so lost, that you turned towards drugs and alcohol to numb the emptiness instead? Alcohol was my escapism, until I heard the voice from within say, "it's time to heal."
All of us are born with unique gifts and talents in this world, but somewhere down the line, we lose our identity and who we came to be in this world.
Society teaches us to strive for success, compete and work hard on your grades from a young age. Whereas the soul is craving intimacy, understanding and awareness from within.
So many of us get trapped in the mundane of life and forget who we truly are. Until that voice from within screams louder, that we no longer ignore it and go from within. I understand this as my awakening began in 2012 as I cried out of a hospital and heard, "it's time to heal."

I believe when you listen from within, everything gets easier. You start to work on your trauma, become aware of your surroundings and trust yourself more than ever before. Joy becomes easier and life feels lighter.
Lisa used to say to her mother as a child, I want to go home and often had memories of being a healer in other lifetimes. But she became angry with the divine when they had taken away two of her friends. Drugs, alcohol and the 80's hippy life, took Lisa on a dark path, until she came back home to herself.
Lisa Barnett is an author, teacher and healer who helps people to connect to the ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records. She helps people to access their own soul’s intelligence to live more fulfilled lives. Lisa can spot where a person is blocked in their life and bring wisdom as to why it's been happening and when it started, through the Akashic Records.

* The Akashic Records and our soul's wisdom
* Her memory of being a healer
* How to clear emotional pain and trauma
* The power of healing yourself
* How the Akashic Records can help you heal
* How the record keepers work and what access and insight they provide you with
* And 5 top tips for connecting to your soul on a deeper, intimate level

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