Cristi Christensen

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Are you sacrificing your health in pursuit of a goal? I get it and so does my guest Cristi. We both pushed ourselves beyond our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing to attain goals for years. In the process we had to heal, slow down and listen to what we were actually running away from.
Cristi was dancing from the age of 2, then she was training for the olympics as a gymnast at age 10, but sadly had an injury that resulted in her walking away.
Heartbroken from the news, someone recommended that she try diving and she found a whole new goal to attain. But tragically, she broke her back at the age of 23. She was told by Doctors that she wouldn’t be able to walk by the age of 30.
Movement had always been part of her life. After a tarot card reading, someone recommended yoga and this led to her rebirth.

Cristi shares how her career came to a halt due to a health condition and had to deal with the injury and everything else she was running away from.
Cristi is an international Master Yoga Instructor and Fitness Expert.

* What is was like growing up as gymnasts
* How your childhood patterns affect your future
* How Yoga helped Cristi awaken the wild woman from within
* The things we do as little beings shapes our future
* What the Chakras mean and how they provide transformational healing
* How to live an empowered life

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