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Imagine being diagnosed with a chronic illness and being told by doctors that you would have to take a pill for the rest of your whole life. But your soul knows better and decides to ignore the doctor's advice and search for what your mind, body and soul needs.
Imagine vowing to yourself you would never be part of the health industry due to both of your parents being Doctors, but the universe has a different plan for you. Suddenly you’re learning how to heal from hormone imbalances, listen to your gut and heal from within.
Imagine walking from a career in interior designing, living abroad to suddenly realising how stressed and burnout you’re feeling from a career you truly loved. To walk away and have to refind yourself while healing from a chronic illness.
I understand this feeling, just like my next guest today does too. I went from working as a journalist to walking away from industry fully in 2013. I went on a journey of self-discovery to find myself, heal my wounds and trauma that were holding me back to then being diagnosed with a kidney defect.

Heartbroken and confused, I realised the divine had a bigger journey for me. From saving my kidney after several consultants tried to deter me from keeping it. To then struggling from a traumatic event after a stent removal, being bed bound for days. Legs swollen, hands and feet swelling daily to lose all hope as to why I was suffering. Then being diagnosed with kidney disease, once again, my heart was broken. I couldn’t understand why I was suffering.
Then one day, my answers were prayed, I was introduced to Medical Medium whose tools saved my life. I am slowly but surely healing and seeing hope again.
Judith Gonzalez Ham, felt the same too, she was searching for answers that led her to heal her hashimoto thyroiditis naturally. She is the founder of Sana tu Tiroides, where she educates and inspires people with thyroid and hormonal imbalances through holistic practices. From yoga, functional nutrition and divine feminine practices with MD’s. She’s an ordained Priestess and teaches her self healing experiences with her community.

* How Judith Healed her Hashimoto Thyroiditis naturally
* How she left a lucrative job as an interior designer to find herself
* Healed generational trauma
* The power of self awareness
* 5 top tips if you’re suffering from hormonal imbalances
*And so much more!

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