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Setting Yourself Free.

Your Ancestors Will Set You Free

I believe when a woman is empowered, everything shifts in her being - her beliefs, morals, standards and how she shows up in the world. But when a woman can hear her ancestors voices, she connects with something bigger than herself, her soul's wisdom.
You're not just doing the inner work for you. You're doing it for your future female ancestors. Does that bring chills down your spine? It does for me.
So many of our female ancestors were fearless, hardworking, generous and affectionate. Yet they were traumatised, drained, saddened and anxious by the patriarchy. As one generation leaves, another embraces those emotions in their DNA, unless someone decides to do the inner work.
When you heal the past, you set your future children free. You help them to embrace the best parts of your ancestors, instead of their trauma.
They will be able hear their ancestors voices and be guided on a path of transformation. Our ancestors play a significant part in our life, they shape and nourish us. They protect and guide us. They teach so much about our lineage.

Listen From Within.
As we dive into the healing process, our ancestors begin to show up in magical ways, through animals and spirit guides and our dreams!
Through other people and their words. Through conversations with strangers, messages or a sentence in an article. They are always guiding us.
May We Rise Together,

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