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Setting Yourself Free.

A Love Letter To Myself

Dear Gurds,
You are beautiful, powerful, abundant, honest and nurturing. You are so genuine, loving and free spirited. You are bright, bubbly and relaxed. You are a gift to this world and what you do is powerful!
When we feel overwhelmed, it's a great time to write a love letter to ourselves and honour where you are, where you came from and who you are becoming.
I believe how you speak about yourself, shapes your reality. Here's the second part of my letter...
"I invite you to nurture, love and heal yourself because of are worthy of freedom.
You are wise, mysterious, brave and resilient. You are full of optimism and whoever is around you shifts.
You have so much to share in the world, don't let the past dim your light. Know that everything you need is inside of you. All your gifts, health and freedom lives within yourself.
Let Me Discover The Path Home.
Always put yourself first and never take yourself for granted. You are worth it. You are peaceful, you are filled with love and devotion.
You are just you - beautiful and creative.
Let this be a message for you to own your light and shine it so brightly in this world.
Let this guide you in the moments of confusion and mistrust. Let this show you the way home, when you have forgotten the path."
May We Rise,

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