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The Masculine Approach Isn't Serving Us

Toxic masculinity has been grained into us from the 80's powerhouse shoulder pad era, where women were told to 'man up' to be noticed within society. Being soft and gentle was seen as a weakness instead of a strength.
It's time to break from this pattens of toxic masculinity, it's time to express ourselves through our divine feminine energy. It's time to balance our male and female energy.
Believe it or not, we are made up of both masculine and feminine energy and without them both, we cannot thrive. If one is imbalanced it affects the other side.
Somewhere in history, women began to drop the femininity to tried to fit into a so-called man's world. But that's where we lost our power. We were never supposed to fit in, we were supposed to embrace both the masculine and feminine.
Your masculine energy represent your determination - focus, clarity, integrity, this helps up to take action and to get things done!
Your feminine energy represents your emotions - nurture, tenderness, understanding, connectivity, receptivity, courage and fluidity, this helps you to stay in touch with your feelings and intuition.
We need both to thrive in the world and when one is out of balance, we feel disheartened or emotionally, physically and spiritually drained. That's why honouring both is crucial. We can be both strong and resilient, soft and tender. It depends what we are going through.
When you honour your emotions, you set yourself free. The shoulder pad woman of the 80's no longer serves us. She was part of our liberation but she can no longer survive in this overworking society. She needs her feminine crown too, where she can be her raw, vulnerable and honest. Where she can nurture her needs.

Let's Rise Up Sister.
When a women silences her emotions, she stops herself from feeling and understanding her emotions. When she ignores her masculinity, she stops herself from following her dreams.
May We Rise Together,

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