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Healing our relationship with ourselves isn’t always easy, but when we decide to finally do the inner work, our past patterns begin to emerge. Things we had held onto in our childhood, raises to the surface and we have no choice but to dive in deep and do the inner work.
I know what it’s like to allow old patterns regarding relationships hold me back. I know what it’s like to do the inner work and realise every situation helped me grow into the person I am today. I am thankful for them all and I am thankful for having a better relationship with myself.
Imagine losing your father as a daughter at a young age and not realising the choices you make as in partners are wounds of your childhood. Imagine being so tough and finding it hard to let anyone help you, because you’ve been doing things by yourself for years.
Imagine having a toxic relationship which makes you realise why you were attracting the wrong type of men into your life, due to childhood trauma and abandonment issues of losing a father at a young age.

I know this is the story of many young girls and women across the world who have lost their fathers and my guest on the show knows exactly this.
Denna Babul is an expert in the field of relationships. She’s an author, speaker and relationship coach. She’s the founder of the Fatherless Daughter Movement non-profit and offers coaching, courses and seminars to help her clients shine their inner light.

* Her story of losing her father at young age
* How we mirror other people’s energy
* Our abandonment issues
* Why giving your inner child a massive hug is needed
* Understanding what causes us to get stuck
* How your body absorbs your emotions
* Why our words are so powerful
* And 5 top tips taking your power back

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