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Set Yourself Free.

Self-Love Isn't Selfish...

In many cultures, self-love is seen as a selfish, however I believe the ones who shun you for loving yourself are being selfish, as they can feel they no longer have control over you!
They are restricting you from having a divine relationship with yourself, where you love yourself unconditionally. Where you accept yourself and hold strong boundaries, and say No to things you no longer want to do.
Self-love is about having boundaries for yourself and others. But it can be hard when you may have grown up with the view that self-love is selfish or it doesn't exist. This doesn't mean you have to live that way.
I've noticed how many women grew up in households where their mothers were the nurtures, warrior women and over-bearers. Self-love didn't exist around them, so they follow the same patterns that their mothers handed down to them, from one generation to another.

Self-love Is My Divine Birthright.
It's time to break free from patterns of unworthiness, self-criticism and express yourself with self-love and self-care.
I believe the world will be a woman is "financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually free‎."™
May We Rise Together,

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