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Discover the power inside of you.

Ditch Perfectionism.
Trying to start a new health regime can often feel like a chore. But if we activate a loving relationship with our body and ourselves, that can change. On this episode, Ali Reti a fitness coach talks about how she created a healthy relationship with herself and her body.
The word, perfectionism often stops so many of us from loving ourselves and our body - the way it is. How many people have you seen in the gym 24/7, obsessing over their weight and how they look? Lots. The reason for this, perfectionism. This word nearly killed me in the working world and it nearly ruined Ali in the fitness environment.
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Trust your bodies pace. It will guide you to follow what you need.

Hi, I'm Gurds! I help people-pleasing sisters own their light.


Are you ready to let go of the old and align with your highest truth?

Intuitive Fitness Is Key.
Highlights: 1. What does your body want? 2. How can I reduce my perfectionism? 3. Where did my perfectionism start? Social, culture, etc... All my love,

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