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Equality Is Our Birthright.
Growing up as a woman of colour can often feel so tiring. But not for all. For the ones who are made to feel guilty, ashamed, spoken down to or told they have to follow their cultures rules. The pressure to be the perfect A* student, amazing job, mother, cook, cleaner and to not speak her truth! It' so darn tiring. I'm a firm believer of equality and we all deserve to be treated the same, but I've noticed that the expectation of women within the South Asian community, hasn't really moved forward despite being in the year 2017.
Statistics in the UK show that higher rates of suicide and depression is among South Asian women. Think of the numbers in India and across the globe! This is why I firmly believe that women need to speak their truth, honour their boundaries, learn to say NO and embrace the power of self-care. As the saying goes, you can't serve another soul if you cup isn't full. On this episode, Twins, Soni and Noori Grewal, online influencers talk about the obstacles they grew up with and how they embrace the light from within.
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As women, we have to come together and make a stand. When one women speaks up, it empowers another to do the same. We are all born equally, it's humans that change things!

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Equality Makes The World A Brighter Place.
Highlights: 1. We need more women speaking their truth. 2. When we honour our truth, we empower more women to speak up. 3. The gap between men and women is still large and needs to be minimised. All my love,

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