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Discover the power inside of you.

Embrace An Alternative Way.
I've often heard about the healing powers of bone broth, but it wasn't until I spoke with a dear friend about how effective it really was. On this episode, Heather Dane, a 21st Century medicine woman talks about how we can heal our health via bone/veggie broth.
If you are looking for hope in your healing process, this is worth listening to. We talk about how we both took alternative routes to heal conditions when mainstream medicine could not help us. Heather discusses her 5 top tips to discover your unique healing code, epigenetics, nutrition, self-care, but most of all we share stories and dive into deep truths that we all know in our hearts.
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We all had ancestors who boiled vegetables or meat. Honour their ancestral wisdom.

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What Do I need in order To Heal?
Highlights: 1. Discover what your ancestors ate. 2. Listen to what your soul wants. 3. Ask yourself, 'What do I need in order to heal?' All my love,

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