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Honour Your Ancestors.
Ever wondered if your ancestors food was the missing link to your physical, emotional and spiritual health? The answer is yes! When we eat our ancestors food, we heal all areas of our health and well-being. On this episode, Heather Dane, a 21st Century medicine woman talks about how we can heal our health through the power of our ancestors wisdom.
Imagine if you could go back to your ancestors time and learn about their healing secrets and their health tips. Imagine if you could dive into their healing secrets of cultural foods, while having a deeper connection with their tribe and mother nature. Imagine if you could connect more to your inner wifi and less with the outer wifi. In the 21st century, we have somehow replaced our loving tribe with social media and nature with technology; our food buds are now mixed with a variety of cuisines from across the continent. I believe we no longer have that deeply rooted connection with our ancestors and our culture; we have some how forgotten our families ancient remedies and wisdom.
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Honour your ancestors and their recipes, it will heal your energy.

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Embrace Your Cultural Foods.
Highlights: 1. Honouring our ancestors foods, heals our health. 2. Listen to their whispers. 3. Ask yourself, 'What do I need in order to heal?' All my love,

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