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Health Is Wealth.
Have you ever felt so tired that you cannot do anything? Yes. Maybe. There are many reasons for this including not sleeping, exercising and also your diet. On this episode, Mona Sharma, a holistic nutritionist and founder of Xicama talks about how reducing inflammation in the body, can heal tiredness.
Mona is a trusting leader expert in her field, she recently was on the Red Table Talk with the Smith family, talking all things health. When we honour our bodies and understand why we feel the way we do, we can shift our well-being.
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I've personally had many health problems, including an eating disorder, short term memory loss, kidney operation and so much more. But once, I honoured the trauma, guilt, shame and anxiety, that I had stored in my body, I felt emotionally, spiritually and physically free!

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Honour Your Body And It's Needs.
Signs of Inflammation In The Body: 1. Aches and pains – achy muscles all over the body. Fatigue – can be caused by many factors, however can be linked to inflammation. 2. Being overweight – inflammatory chemicals tend to create insulin resistance. 3. Suffer with red or itchy skin – can be linked to an unhealthy liver. 4. A diagnosed autoimmune disease – excessive. 5. inflammation is a feature of all autoimmune diseases. 6. Allergies or infections – produce the most obvious symptoms of inflammation – swelling, redness, itching and pain. All my love,

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