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Releasing Your Trapped Emotions
In "Releasing Your Emotions" episode, we're exploring how our inner patterns can mirror on our outer body. Over the years, I’ve spoken to so many women who have been heartbroken by a lover, friend or family member. Betrayed, rejected, judged and misunderstood. It can often lead to unhealthy patterns. It can also lead to a dark path of betrayal, mistrust and dishonesty with yourself.
Believe me, I've been here too. But it takes a certain resilience and willingness to say enough is enough. On this episode, Em Haas, a fitness instructor for mums talks about how an eating disorder consumed her life, until she was ready to set her past free. Tune in here:
I firmly believe we can heal our emotions when we are ready to tap into the wisdom of our soul and ancestral history. When we can get to the root cause of why we are feeling a particular way, or why do we abuse our bodies the way we do? (whether that's over indulging or depriving ourselves of food) Then we shall heal. Any kind of eating disorder is nothing to do with food itself, but feeling a lack of control over their lives. And the one thing they have control over is the food that goes into their bodies.

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Let The Past Go And Set Yourself Free!
Highlights: 1. When we take time out to practice self-love our emotions become balanced. 2. Keeping our body fit and not over exerting ourselves again, helps us feel balanced. 3. This one is an eye opener - intuitive eating is so powerful - what you feel vs what you think you need to eat! All my love,

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