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Discover the power inside of you.

Anxiety Keeps Us In The Dark.
In “Feeling Inner Peace” episode, we’re exploring how anxiety takes us away from our inner light. We can all understand the importance of living a life of joy and freedom. But too often this can be easier said that done. In order to start, we need to honour ourselves and where we are right now. Each of us has the ability to move forward, when we acknowledge who we are and walk in the direction of possibility. On this episode, Corrine Zupko talks about the power of inner peace.
When we practice self-love everything shifts. The anxious feelings we have inside begin to melt and our inner peace, begins to resurface. However, sometimes the anxiety we feel can be ancestral; it can be past down from one generation to another, until one generation is willing to do the inner work.
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"Inner peace is the feeling of alignment, where everything feels in aligned and nothing feels out of place" - Corrine Zupko.

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Are you ready to let go of the old and align with your highest truth?

Inner Peace Helps Us To Honour Our Wisdom.
Highlights: 1. When we let go of ancestral hurt, pain, guilt or shame, we heal our present and set our future generations free. 2. Developing a relationship with yourself. 3. What patterns can you break that no longer serve you and your family? 4. Being your own inner therapist. All my love,
Highlights: 1. When we take time out to practice self-love our emotions become balanced. 2. Keeping our body fit and not over exerting ourselves again, helps us feel balanced. 3. This one is an eye opener - intuitive eating is so powerful - what you feel vs what you think you need to eat! All my love,

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