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Discover the power inside of you.

Let Your Inner Voice Be Your Guide.
Imagine being psychic from a young age and not knowing what it means. Imagine being able to see the aura colours on people. That was the story of my next guest. On this episode, Aldo Raffa a practitioner of divination, channelling, healing and talks about how trusting his intuition helped him feel interconnected.
When we ignore our soul's voice, we become disengaged with ourselves and our body. We feel powerless and ask everyone for their opinions, instead of listening to our gut.
Tune in here:
The truth is we've spent our entire lives being taught to override it, and think things through, rather than just FEELing it.

Hi, I'm Gurds! I help people-pleasing sisters own their light.


Are you ready to let go of the old and align with your highest truth?

Trust Your Guides.
Highlights: 1. See who you truly are. 2. What moves through you? 3. What do you need to honour within yourself? All my love,

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