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You Are Abundant.
It can be hard to shift your life when someone takes advantage of you, in particular, sexual abuse. In that moment, we need more love and understanding than ever. On this episode, Niyc Pidgeon, a business and peak performance coach talks about how she overcame the biggest tragedy in her life and turned it into a positive.
Having been brutally attacked on holiday, Niyc reveals the life-changing consequences of being raped and how she turned her pain into her power. After spending some time in Spain with her friends and their mums, Niyc met a guy at a beach club. He quickly become friendly with Niyc and her friends. On the last day she decided to leave Spain, the guy hopped into her taxi and attacked her. The driver, was his friend and she clung to her seat in shock. When she arrived at the airport, he gave her bags and she stumbled into the terminal. Instead of reporting what had happened, she took her flight back and woke up the next morning in shock.
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Several years on, Niyc's life looks rather different. She has healed the past and believes it forced her to work on herself and her mind, using positive psychology tools. Once she went through the healing process, she realised that our experiences in life gives us so much.

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Heal The Past.
Highlights: 1. Heal the wounds and set yourself free. 2. Changing your mindset is half the job. 3. Love yourself and nurture your needs. All my love,

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