Remembering Louise Hay

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Every Experience I Have Is Perfect For My Growth - Louise Hay.
This week, we lost a beautiful, powerhouse soul who shifted the lives of millions of people around the world. Her wisdom will carry on to touch our lives forever. Thank you Louise Hay for everything you have created. On this episode, Heather Dane, a dear friend of Louise, talks about her life and what she taught her.
When I heard the news that Louise Hay had transitioned, I was in complete shock. Not only did I look up to Louise Hay, she was someone I related with. From the mirror work, self love, forgiveness and so much more. I was first introduced to Louise last year, and I was in complete shock in how alike we both were. We have both undergone similar things. Depression. Lots of health problems; we both share the same star sign and Louise's birthday is a day before mine.
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All Is Well - Louise Hay.
Highlights: 1. Have fun along your journey. 2. What lightens you up? 3. When all the layers are stripped off, who are you? All my love,

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