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Imagine not being able to pay your rent, every month. Imagine being a single mother of a young boy with no support. Imagine begging on your knees, asking the divine for guidance to lead a happier, healthier and abundant life. On this episode, Tara Travis, a spiritual business coach talks about how she trusted in something bigger than herself to lead a high vibe life.
Tara was always aware of her inner gift. But it took being a mum and not being able to pay her rent, to step into her divine light. She now helps hundreds of women tap into their divinit and take their power back as a Goddess.
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Tara shares her personal experience of how she dug herself out of her money mind story, to become financially abundant and how she helps women to receive divine compensation, in exchange of doing meaningful and deep transformational work in the world.

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Are you ready to let go of the old and align with your highest truth?

Trust In The Divine.
Highlights: 1. You are perfect, whole and nourished. 2. Let go of your old stories. 3. Honour the Goddess from within. All my love,

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