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Discover the power inside of you.

The Things We Resist, We Need The Most.
Surrendering is a powerful tool to feel connected with yourself. But how often do we surrender? Not much right. It can be difficult to follow especially when you are wanting answers. On this episode, Ali Reti, a fitness coach talks about how she began to surrender and trust in the power of being present.
In a world that's making women feel more disconnected with their mind, body and soul, we need to surrender. I mean surrender to the light that resides within you. Surrender to what your soul needs vs what the world wants from you. Surrender to what your soul wants to create.
Tune in here:
Surrender to what you're here to be.

Hi, I'm Gurds! I help people-pleasing sisters own their light.


Are you ready to let go of the old and align with your highest truth?

Let The Inspiration Strike.
Highlights: 1. Let your soul surrender. 2. Ask yourself, 'what does my soul need?' 3. Let your heart be moved by what flows in. All my love,

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