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Discover the power inside of you.

Let’s Help Others To Raise Their Magnificence – Energy Muse
Tired of looking for your soulmate? Tired of not finding the one who treats you with respect and showers you with love and affection. It’s time to shift your approach on love. On this episode, co-founders Heather and Timmi from Energy Muse, talk about how crystals and mama Gaia (mother nature) can help us find our soul’s match!
I know what it feels like to look for the one. It can often feel tiring and repetitive. But what if you decided to love yourself first and then attract someone after? Yes. Self-love is liberating, it helps you connect with who you are and reflects through your energy. Now I'm not saying spend years doing the inner love and then meet someone. I'm saying do what feels right for you. Fall in love with yourself first. When you love yourself it radiates on the outside and you will attract someone who loves themselves too.
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It's time to honour who you are and all the amazing qualities you hold.

Hi, I'm Gurds! I help people-pleasing sisters own their light.


Are you ready to let go of the old and align with your highest truth?

Give Yourself Permission To Love Yourself.
Highlights: 1. Crystals remind us to love ourselves. 2. Self-love is self-pleasure. 3. Embrace Your Pace. All my love,

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