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Our Dreams Are More Powerful Than We Think - Heather Dane
I firmly believe our ancestors are always here, guiding and uplifting us along our awakened path. It depends if we are willing to listen to their whispers. On this episode, Heather Dane, 21st Century medicine woman talks about how we can hear our ancestors voices and how are dreams have hidden meanings for us.
I've personally heard my grandma, grandfathers and other ancestors voices, during some of my darkest moments. They always remind me that I'm never alone, they are guiding me along my path of divine light devotion.
Tune in here:

Every dream gives us an indication of what's happening in our lives. Whether that's happiness, fear, guilt of shame. Each dream represents what is coming up for us.

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Are you ready to let go of the old and align with your highest truth?

When We Surrender We Get Closer To Our Spirit Guides.
Highlights: 1. We all have hidden meanings behind our dreams. 2. Our ancestors are always guiding and teaching us along our path. 3. When we surrender we can hear our intuition loud and clear. All my love,

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