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Comfort Your Inner Child.
Are you a stressed out mama looking for her inner zen? Are you tired of feeling burnout while over-giving, people-pleasing and self-sacrificing? Then, let’s change that. On this episode, Tejal Patel, a former divorce attorney turned mindfulness advocate talks about how she found her inner balance while being a mother.
Tejal shares how her own childhood impacted her life as a parent, and the steps she took to leave her career and follow her’s soul’s calling. Tejal also shares the importance of raising emotionally intelligent and resilient kids and what it takes to raise mindful kids in the modern world.
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Mindfulness for kids is key. When they know themselves, they can share what they need.

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Heal The Wounds.
Highlights: 1. Mindfulness can work for babies. 2. Finding a balance between being a mum an me time. 3. There's no guilt or shame around raising your children. All my love,

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