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Discover the power inside of you.

Gratitude Is Our Super Power.
Imagine being so afraid to do anything because you feel anxious 24/7. Imagine not being able to be fully present because you are so fixed on the past or future. On this episode, Corrine Zupko, a mindfulness instructor talks about How A Course in Miracles turned her anxiety into peace.
When we honour how we feel and seek help, everything gets lighter. Growing up, I often felt anxious about the future, which caused a lot of health problems. I often felt lethargic and depressed because my thoughts were draining me! Several years on, I’m super happy, healthy and abundant. However, this happened after the internal work began and I started to ignore the outer world. True bliss and inner peace is found from within, not through external things. Eventually the external things will no longer have relevance and you will be searching for something else to fill that anxious feeling.
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Being Sensitive Is Powerful.
Highlights: 1. When we ask for help, the problem is halved. 2. What do I need right now? 3. How can I serve my soul? All my love,

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