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Discover the power inside of you.

Dive Into Self-love.
It can take one incident in a person’s life to shift. But for some it can take many incidences to hear the path of self-love. On this episode, Chris Tompkins, a self-love activist talks about how we can shine our essence and tap into courage and fluidity.
By 2012, I had many health problems including, an eating disorder, anxiety, loss of sensation in my left arm and then regenerating it, a car accident and so much more. For some, like me, it can take many incidents to hear your inner wisdom and the path of self-love.
Tune in here:

Self-love is your birthright. Self-love is part of your soul's calling.

Hi, I'm Gurds! I help people-pleasing sisters own their light.


Are you ready to let go of the old and align with your highest truth?

Nourish Your Soul.
Highlights: 1. Love and accept yourself through the highs and lows. 2. Trust in the process of healing. 3. Self-acceptance for yourself is key. All my love,

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